isn't like indoors !

bouldering outdoors is fantastic, whether in Font, Ticino, Rocklands or your local climbing spot.
please contribute your share to preserve that for all of us.


Do not block any roads or paths. When one parking lot is full, just park in another one!


Please use the visible trails and paths, don’t take short cuts, even if it’s tempting, we do not want to harm the vegetation!


Adapt your chalk usage to the local situation! Please adhere to prohibitions and clean the boulders when you leave. When in doubt use liquid chalk!


Please brush away any marks you’ve left on the boulders. Use only brushes with natural bristles (i.e. boar bristles) never plastic or metal brushes!


Take a towel or doormat with you and clean your shoe soles properly. Sand and dirt on the soles polish the footholds beyond recognition.


Some rocks weaken when soaked with water. This causes holds to break off easily! Please wait until they have dried off after a downpour.


Camping outside of camp or bivouac sites is generally prohibited!


Do not light fires of any kind in the woods! Please be careful with glass and sun rays, too!


Keep your music to yourself. Out of respect for other climbers, please, no boom boxes on the rocks!

Human waste

When you need to do what a bear does in the woods, do it privately, in a hole big enough to hit and then covered up with ample amounts of soil!


Bring a garbage bag to take your trash back home is not rocket science! If some rude climber before you has littered, have a heart, pick it up please!


If you need to smoke, pick up your butts! Bring an ashtray and make sure your cigarettes are properly extinguished.


WTF? Here is why...

SaveBouldering started as a private initiative with a simple poster design to rise awareness for the problems of bouldering outdoors.

We are still figuring out how to get that all running. We have a lot of ideas what could be done to get and to keep climbers aware of the issues which arise out of bad behaviour outdoors. We don't want to wait until one day the worst might happen: climbing regulations and prohibitions, area closings and all those things no one ever wanted to become part of bouldering. So we would like to ask you to do your part in advance. Observe those rules, it isn't that hard to do so, and spread the word to other climbers as I did at last.

At the moment we do translations to some more languages. Right now we have translations for German, English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Czech and Russian. If you would like to help us and you can offer a translation for any other language feel free to contact us. There is a lot more to be done, but I am very happy that we got it started.


Responsible according to §5 TMG:
Christian Merlau
Alzenauer Str. 85
D-63776 Mömbris
Phone: +49 151 72005649

Until we register officially a registered non-profit association (which happens soon, we hope) for all things regarding SaveBouldering please contact:

Christian Merlau, christian@savebouldering.eu
René Geerlings, rene@savebouldering.eu

Thanks for translation

DE: Christian Merlau
EN: Michaela Kelly
SE: Daniel Olausson
FI: Henna Mäkinen
NL: Irene Pieper
IT: Mauro Riva
ES: Eli Bru & Ivan Torres
FR: Guillaume Glairon-Mondet
CZ: Adam Ondra
RU: Natalia Strelkova

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